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Because we live in the heart of lakes country, we’ve built a niche in Minnesota lake home building and remodeling. At one time, lake cabins, which were used seasonally on weekends, were the norm in this area. However, as commerce grew, transportation improved, and building materials and techniques advanced, living year-round on lake shore property became possible. For more than 16 years, people have been trusting JBS Builders, Minnesota’s lake home builder, with the four-season homes of their dreams.

Successful lake home building and remodeling in Minnesota begins with what will function well on your lot. It is also important to understand the building regulations on your particular body of water. At JBS Builders, we’ll guide you from the initial vision to the final nail in your lake home construction, addition, remodeling or rebuilding. So, dream, build and live, with the lake home construction team at JBS Builders!


As trusted lake home builders in Perham and Richville, MN, we work with clients to build distinctive homes in extraordinary lakeshore settings with construction concerns unique to our area.

Nothing can beat the beauty of a year-round lake home. You get a serene view of nature’s spectacular changes from a front row seat. The truth is, if you are considering building a lake home, or expanding one, you have some challenges ahead of you. Lake home owners and builders must keep in mind that building near water requires special considerations.

You’ll want to hire a lake home builder who has experience and references, like the experts at JBS Builders. As a lake home construction company, we make sure your property is suitable for construction and meets all codes. We’ll help you take full advantage of the views from your home by suggesting the strategic placement of rooms and windows. Also, we understand what is required of lake home building in a state like Minnesota, with an annual temperature variance of more than 120 degrees.


If you are considering a lake home remodeling or addition project, understand that it may require creativity to make your dream a reality. At JBS Builders, we’re problem solvers.

Owning a lake home often means that space is at a premium. The premium is imposed due to lot size limitations, lake shore levels and zoning issues. It’s important that you hire a lake home builder who has experience in dealing with these concerns. A lake home remodeling project, specifically an addition, is a great way to make room for your family to stay in your home year-round. Furthermore, lake home additions can allow for aging-in-place. This means that as you get older, your home adapts to your needs, enabling you to live independently longer. This can enhance an already spectacular view.

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